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Electric cars still the cleaner choice

IN HIS Feb. 25 editorial cartoon showing an electric car hooked up to a coal-fired power plant, Mike Ramirez perpetuates a misleading myth. Yes, there are emissions associated with the charging of electric vehicles, and we need to clean up our power sources. However, according to a range of studies, when you compare electric and conventional gas-powered cars, electrics are cleaner in every part of the country, regardless of the power grid. Here in New England, an electric vehicle on average emits about 69 percent less carbon dioxide than an average gas-powered vehicle. So electric vehicles are already cleaner today and will be even cleaner into the future.

Each year, American passenger cars and trucks spew approximately 1.3 billion tons of carbon pollution into the air by burning 129 billion gallons of gasoline. Our dangerous dependence on oil has resulted in catastrophes like the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and every day we send upwards of $1 billion abroad to pay for oil. For our economy, our health, and our environment, we need to support cleaner transportation alternatives, including public transit and electric vehicles.

Gina Coplon-Newfield


Senior campaign representative for electric vehicles, Sierra Club, Cambridge