Late senator shifted his views on abortion

ADRIAN WALKER asserts that “Ted Kennedy never wavered on the right to contraception’’ (“The senator’s presumption,’’ Metro, Feb. 27). But it’s no secret that Kennedy was a flip-flopper on abortion, first opposing abortion rights and then embracing them.

And just for the record, abortion is a form of birth control.

Nancy Nee Hanifin


Jamaica Plain

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SCOTT BROWN, Patrick Kennedy, and Adrian Walker are all wrong (“The senator’s presumption,’’ Metro, Feb. 27).

For the senator to seek the mantle of Edward M. Kennedy is nonsense, and Patrick Kennedy’s dismay is understandable.

But his solution - suppression of Brown’s free speech rights - is not the right answer, and Walker’s support for that position magnifies Kennedy’s mistake.

As Thomas Jefferson pointed out, the corrective for bad speech is more speech. Scott Brown can rightly be criticized without impinging on his freedom.


Roger Snow