Radio host’s rant draws meek reaction from GOP hopefuls

RE “CANDIDATES push aside Limbaugh’’ (Page A5, March 5): Rush Limbaugh is a bully. It is unimaginable in a civilized, educated society that he would launch such a vicious and cruel personal attack against a young woman, calling her a “slut,’’ a “prostitute,’’ and salaciously soliciting sex tapes from her, merely because she expressed her opinion to the US House of Representatives on the subject of birth control.

As bad as Limbaugh is, it is even more unimaginable that two candidates who aspire to lead this country, to lead the free world, do not have the courage to stand up to this shameless, out-of-control bully.


When asked, Rick Santorum said, “That’s not my business.’’ And Mitt Romney could only muster the courage to say that Limbaugh’s comments about the college student were “not the language I would have used.’’ These are weak, timid, embarrassing responses in the face of outrageous behavior.

If Santorum and Romney do not have the courage to stand up to the disgusting behavior of Limbaugh, how can anyone expect them to have the courage to stand up to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Taliban, or the terrorists who threaten us?

John Hurley

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