Partisan attack on Obama disguised as voice of reason

Gasoline edged above $5 a gallon at a station in Washington.
Gary Cameron/REUTERS
Gasoline edged above $5 a gallon at a station in Washington.

JOHN E. Sununu tries to fashion himself as a beacon of sanity when talking about the “crazy talk’’ over gas prices ( “Dripping demagoguery at the pump,’’ Op-ed, March 5). I think instead he’s a beacon of cynicism, ignorance, and partisan politics.

He lambastes President Obama for talking about research into gasoline and diesel fuel coming from algae, apparently ignorant that this has already been demonstrated on a small scale; he dismisses the prudence shown by the president and his administration after the worst oil spill in American history in the Gulf; he makes no mention that the route of the first proposed pipeline from Canada would have threatened to pollute a vast aquifer that is a source of drinking water for millions of people, should a spill occur.

How about the fact that most of the oil coming to Texas via the proposed pipeline would likely be exported after being refined?


Michael Sciabarrasi