Vote of confidence in Dartmouth president over hazing problem

THE POINTS made in your editorial about fraternity hazing at Dartmouth are entirely appropriate; however, you are a bit tough on Dartmouth’s president, Jim Kim, whose comments reflect what he learned from his predecessor’s attempt to abolish the fraternity system, which was divisive and counterproductive (“Dartmouth needs stronger stand against hazing at fraternities,’’ March 10). Rest assured that Kim will do what is humanly possible to end the stupid and abusive hazing rituals.

In addition, your first sentence will no doubt attract the attention and comments of many a fellow Dartmouth graduate, as there is no such place as Dartmouth University. As Daniel Webster famously said in the Dartmouth College case before the Supreme Court in 1819, some 18 years after his graduation: “It is, sir, as I have said, a small college. And yet there are those who love it.’’ A college it was then, and a college it remains, though admittedly a university in all but name.

John M. Moran