Time to put Romney dog tale to rest

RE “ANIMAL advocates hounding Romney: Protesters target treatment of pet’’ (Page A8, March 16): Regarding your story about Seamus, the Romney family dog of 29 years ago that spent a 12-hour car trip in a crate on the roof, I think a lot of us would admit to treating our animals differently back then. Dogs were often fed leftovers, perhaps with a tasty spoon of bacon fat, and cats were allowed to roam a bit and perhaps have a litter or two. A visit to the vet usually meant the animal was ill or had been in a fight, not a yearly check up.

Scott Crider, founder of Dogs Against Romney, calls his activism a “24/7’’ pursuit. I wonder whether his time might be better spent in a more positive way, such as traveling the back roads of his native Alabama ensuring that animals there are treated with respect. Of course, that won’t get him in the news, but he is “just a guy trying to give a voice to the voiceless.’’

A dog show judge and breeder once told me that dogs love their crates (it’s the instinct for a den), and I hope that is true, since show dogs must spend a lot of timer traveling in them.


Crider wants a law passed banning dogs on car roofs. Seriously? I am a Democrat and an animal lover, but I think it is time to cut Mitt Romney a little slack, and put the Seamus story to rest.

Judy Sands