Romney’s concerns over our military are shared across aisle

RE “ROMNEY’S defense budget target is lofty’’ (Page A1, March 19): Your piece on Mitt Romney’s defense policies suggests that military cuts are just another area of partisan squabbling, but that’s not true. Democrats such as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and independents such as Senator Joe Lieberman echo many Republicans in warning that $500 billion in defense “sequestration’’ cuts set to begin next year would hollow out US forces and create “unacceptable risk’’ to our troops.

After a decade of war, the military needs rebuilding and restoration, not more cuts. Many US fighter jets are older than their pilots, and America’s decades-old bomber and tanker fleets are simply geriatric. As cheap technologies such as anti-ship missiles and cyberweapons proliferate, we need new research to maintain our high-tech defenses.

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