Missed opportunity to tie unseasonable weather to warming

IN YOUR March 21 editorial “ ‘Winter’ of 2012: March Gladness,’’ you suggest that we shouldn’t worry that the winter that wasn’t, followed last week by record-setting March heat, has anything to do with global warming and climate change. True enough that no single weather event can be attributed to longer-term climate change. But the reality is that both our very warm winter and Europe’s life-threateningly cold one, along with the larger-than-average number of extreme storms during the past year, fit into patterns of climate change predicted by most scientific climate models.

You serve us poorly indeed by missing the opportunity to remind us of the realities of the world in which we are now living, and to encourage us and our political and corporate leaders in the strongest terms possible to embrace alternative energy technologies and reduce our energy use — personally, nationally, and globally. These changes need to be made not tomorrow, next year, or next decade, but now.

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