It’s mass of humanity, not body mass, that should concern us

“INCONVENIENT truth’’ by Gareth Cook (Op-ed, March 25): First off, I will admit that I haven’t read the “Human Engineering and Climate Change’’ academic paper. But if all the other ideas are as ill-considered as those about altering people’s height and weight strictly for the purpose of negating climate change, then I can see where the criticism comes from.

What the authors seem to have failed to do is consider that the problem is not with any individual’s body mass, but with the total mass of the world’s population, which has skyrocketed since the 1950s to about 7 billion.

We’re basically exceeding the carrying capacity of the earth. And addressing the average height or weight of any individual seems like a silly solution to the real issue, which is bringing the total number of humans back into line with what the limited, and shrinking, resources we have can provide for.


Rick Cutler