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    These pacts have not blocked flow of the product

    PAUL MCMORROW’S March 27 op-ed “Beer wars in Massachusetts’’ painted a one-sided picture of beer distribution in the state.

    First and foremost, brewer-exclusive distributorships have not affected choice or small brewers’ ability to reach consumers. In fact, choice is not only alive and well in the Bay State, it’s thriving. Just look at the choices available to consumers today in bars, restaurants, and the beer aisle.

    Small brewers also have choices in who distributes their products, as there is more than one wholesaler in each territory for small brewers to choose from, a point that was glaringly absent from the op-ed. Wholesalers compete for small brands just as they compete for larger brands.


    Finally, any business, regardless of size, deserves the right to choose its business partners and set expectations for those who bring their products to market. Brewers large and small invest significantly in their brands and want them to succeed. So do the wholesalers who represent them. It’s called free-market competition, and it benefits every consumer and beer drinker in Massachusetts.

    Bob Tallett

    Region vice president, Anheuser-Busch, Wakefield