Benefits of green energy outweigh cost

IT WAS noteworthy that the Globe’s article about NStar’s deal to purchase electricity from Cape Wind did not focus exclusively on the higher cost of electricity from Cape Wind, but pointed out the advantages of this energy in terms of diversification of New England’s energy portfolio, societal cost savings due to foregone emissions of greenhouse gases, and price reductions related to applicable subsidies ( NYSENSTNStar OKs top dollar deal with Cape Wind; But consumer impact projected as modest,’’ Page A1, March 31).

Even with these advantages, though, concerns about higher prices are easily understood. They put Massachusetts companies at a disadvantage compared to other regions. The best way to address this, however, is not by working to encourage Massachusetts to maintain or increase its dependence on fossil fuels, but by working at the federal level for climate and energy policies as progressive as ours, if not more so.

Gary Rucinski