Sanctions against Iran won’t work

RE “OBAMA ready to drain Iran of oil revenue; Concludes market supply is sufficient’’ (Page A2, March 31). President Obama is poised to tighten sanctions against Iran to halt its nuclear program. He should know better.

Plenty of experience demonstrates that sanctions impoverish innocent people and only help entrench regimes that we don’t like. In Cuba, our sanctions have helped the Castros stay in power for half a century. In North Korea, the people are starving, but the Kims are not only still in power, but have nuclear weapons and are improving their delivery capability.

A proposal that is much more likely to succeed appeared in the Globe the same day ( “Real solutions to nuclear deadlock with Iran,’’ Op-ed). It involves a collaborative approach by six major powers to assure that Iran’s enrichment project is confined to peaceful uses.


As the author points out, the likelihood of sanctions stopping Iran from developing nuclear power plants is approximately zero. Meanwhile, we are causing the Iranian public to suffer and making regime change as unlikely as in Cuba and North Korea.

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Milt Lauenstein

Exeter, N.H.