In controversy’s wake, BU needs to confront rape culture on campus

AS A public health student at Boston University focusing on sexual health, I find this incident appalling ( “BU paper’s ‘joke’ sparks real anger; Editors apologize for rape-themed satire,’’ Metro, April 3). Considering research shows that 20 to 25 percent of women in college report having experienced rape or attempted rape, this topic is no joke. Ever.

The newspaper is another reminder that rape culture is in fact present at BU. Thank you to the student activists and Bay Back Publishing Co. Inc., the newspaper’s governing organization, for calling attention to the inexcusable material and judgment.

It is about time the BU administration takes action. Dean of students Kenn Elmore is again tiptoeing around the issue of sexual violence. Who cares if the newspaper is an independent organization and he doesn’t control the content? The newspaper is affiliated with the school and disseminated to its students.


The dean of students should care. More importantly, he should do something. Instead of creating a task force only to examine the culture of the men’s ice hockey team, BU needs to take a stand against sexual violence campus-wide.

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Charlotte Allard