Affordable housing burden must be shared by all

PAUL MCMORRROW nails it, sort of, in “Unwelcome sign for new families’’ (Op-ed, April 3). Indeed, Massachusetts “was founded as a collective endeavor. The state’s roots are in mutual aid and common purpose.’’

But if the Commonwealth truly believes that diverse housing opportunities are in the state’s best interest, then it must ensure that the investment is shared by all - not just the individual communities that host diverse and affordable housing opportunities. This is a matter for the governor and the Legislature to champion through tax reform to support affordable housing.

Chastising individual communities that believe they alone cannot or should not bear the cost on their own - as McMorrow does in criticizing Harvard and Ayer for voting down an affordable housing plan at the former Devens army base - is contrary to the fundamental concept of a commonwealth.


All should share both costs and benefits of diverse housing opportunities.

Sara Mattes