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T needs to prove its statewide value

DAVE PILL’S letter (“Enough is enough; the T needs reform, not yet more taxpayer money,’’ April 8) opposing new taxes to defray MBTA cost increases reminded me of a simple question I’ve wanted to pose to those MBTA proponents who want Central and Western Massachusetts residents to help defray MBTA costs, even though we cannot take advantage of Boston area public transportation because we live too far from the city.

Many proponents use the argument that companies that are either already located in the Boston area or considering locating there consider public transportation services an important part of their decision to either stay or relocate. However, I do not recall ever seeing a single piece of evidence that backs up this claim. If this is such an important issue in this conversation, I might change my mind about paying additional taxes if these proponents can provide concrete examples showing how the MBTA is a serious criterion for these businesses.

David Mack