letters | fur flies over feline leash law proposal

Key is to put bird feeders in the right place

In “A new leash on life” (Page A1, April 25): Lydia Lodynsky proposed a rule to leash problem cats based on the decimation of the songbird population in her yard. Town Meeing in Concord defeated the proposal last week.

As a songbird lover, and a cat lover, I know that correct placement of feeders and bird baths is an essential responsibility of the bird lover. The picture of Lodynsky’s backyard depicts a low bird feeder and birdbath that are surrounded by shrubbery, ideal for a cat to hide in. By simply moving her feeders and baths to a clearing away from low plants and bushes, she could change her cat feeders into the bird feeders they are supposed to be, with no legislation required.

Leah Wahrhaftig-Jeri