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    letters | issue is not cat etiquette, but safety

    Cavalier take on free-roaming felines is irresponsible

    The editorial dismissing concerns about free-roaming cats was cavalier and irresponsible (“Cats: If you like it, put a bell on it,” May 3). In fact, all cats should be kept inside or restrained for their own good and that of family members.

    Consider only that rabies is ever-present in the wild, and that a cat that had contact with an infected animal could easily transmit the disease to an unsuspecting family member who touched it.

    Feline leukemia is also widespread, and easily transmitted among cats, who often fight when unsupervised.


    Don’t take my word for it; call an animal hospital or a veterinarian for confirmation. I urge you to set the record straight for your readers, in the interest of accurate information and education.

    Eugene Bailey