Corporate greed eats at heart of immigration policy

Juliette Kayyem’s May 14 op-ed “A crackdown avoided: In Mississippi, business interests thwart harsh bill on illegal immigrants” explains the sources of push-back against anti-immigrant measures in Mississippi, and rightly declares that it’s a “discomforting victory” for immigrant advocates.

The case of a patient who receives treatment of the symptoms of a disease, but nothing to address the chronic cause of the ailment, is not a victory. As long as we in this country refuse to address or even admit the existence of the real causes of immigration, we will never have any true victory.

Multinational corporate interests direct US foreign economic policy, resulting in offshoring jobs and worsening social and economic conditions both here in the United States and, ironically, in the countries where the jobs end up. This forces migrants to this country in search of the now-abundant low-wage jobs, resulting in more corporate profits.


Finally, anti-immigrant laws are written by the same lobbyists who represent the prison-industrial complex that benefits to the tune of billions of dollars a year through the implementation of odious programs such as the so-called Secure Communities.

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Rapacious, immoral corporate greed is the disease that must be treated to address the symptoms of human rights violations, rising hate, and declining standards of living both here and abroad.

Patricia Montes

Executive director

Centro Presente