Schools’ innovators could have been listed in a different order

It was captivating to read about the results of university entrepreneurship competitions on the front of the Money & Careers section (“Battle of ideas,” May 20). The photo of the Tufts University business plan competition winner, PriceParrott, showing junior Adrienne Dreyfus sitting alone with her laptop on the steps of a porch, was a welcome contrast to the power teams from Harvard and MIT shown in their corporate and lab spaces.

But when I turned to the inside page to read more, I saw that Babson College’s example, pictured on Page G4, had won a larger prize than that of Harvard College (Page G1), and the same was true for Boston University’s entry (G4) in comparison with that of MIT (G1).

The amount of the prizes may not be the best way to order the entries. The feature doesn’t mention each competition’s qualifying conditions, number of contestants, or total amount of money awarded for all schools. But in the absence of other indicators, I think the order of the pictures and entries should have been: Harvard Business School, Babson College, Tufts University, Harvard College, Boston University, and MIT. This would have better reflected the diversity of entrepreneurial talent among local universities than showing two Harvard entries at the top.

Christine Cousineau