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    Save the outcry for the real inequities

    RE “UP against the grass ceiling” (Op-ed, June 4): Let me get this straight. There should be a “feminist outcry” over the fact that men like to mow lawns, operate the grill, and drive the car? Apparently, this is more evidence of men keeping women down. Our world is full of real and harmful inequities, and Jennifer Graham decides to focus on this triviality? This is the worst kind of so-called feminism — the kind that seems to want to empower women by attempting to emasculate and devalue men.

    My wife is a business owner, and one of the strongest people (male or female) I know. She enjoys that I carry out such “manly” duties as taking out the garbage, operating the grill, fixing things when they’re broken, and driving the car. I guess this makes her weak, and me sexist. All this time I thought we were just splitting up the workload and valuing each others’ contributions.

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