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    letters | the call of youth baseball

    The role of the rookie is to watch and learn

    Re “Lacrosse draws new pool of young players” (Letters, June 8): Sarah Scully may not be sure about the culture of the game lacrosse, but I have no doubts about the culture of Little League baseball.

    Being the rookie on an athletic team often does entail waiting, watching, and lugging equipment. This is because the younger, unskilled athlete is in the process of learning. One of the ways that one learns is by attending practice, working hard, and following the coach’s instructions. Another is by observing more experienced teammates engage in the complex ballet that is a baseball game. This builds patience, self-reflection, and character that translate directly into the confidence one needs to be successful on the field.

    Little League baseball need not take notice of anything other than itself.

    Marie Cora