Give Senator Kennedy a DC monument

SCOT LEHIGH’S column brings to mind another statue travesty that concerns Massachusetts.

Each state of the Union is represented by two statues of notable citizens on display in the United States Capitol. Currently, Massachusetts is represented by Samuel Adams and John Winthrop.

Since 2000, states have been allowed to request a replacement. California replaced a statue with one of Ronald Reagan, and Kansas replaced a statue with one of Dwight Eisenhower.


After he died, numerous proposals were made to honor Senator Edward M. Kennedy in similar fashion. Perhaps the most appropriate would be to replace the statue of Winthrop with one of Kennedy.

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It is my view, and I believe the view of a majority of Massachusetts citizens, that Senator Kennedy did more for this state than anyone who has ever served in government.

While John Winthrop was an important man in his era, he certainly had anti-democratic political tendencies, and was greatly implicated in Indian slavery.

Massachusetts would be better represented by Kennedy.

David W. Lima