letters | should voters have to show a photo id?

State needs to make voting easier, not erect new barriers

THE LEAGUE of Women Voters of Massachusetts applauds the Globe’s opposition to current voter suppression legislation around the country, including requiring photo ID to vote (“A brief moment of candor,” Editorial, July 9).

Attempts to attach photo ID requirements to pending bills are occurring in the Massachusetts legislature. The League urges legislators to block this unnecessary and expensive “solution” to a problem ­— in-person voter impersonation — that does not exist.

The Globe rightly points out other measures that have increased voter turnout are under attack, including early voting, unrestricted access to absentee ballots, and same-day voter registration. Unfortunately, in Massachusetts, past efforts to enact such voting improvements have failed. These common voting reforms are unknown here.


The League urges the Legislature to make registration and voting easier in our state. A first step is to pass the pending legislation that would let people print out a voter registration form and mail it in. Then we ask the legislature to work on early voting, unrestricted absentee ballots, and same-day voter registration — not unfair, unnecessary photo ID requirements.

Eva Valentine

President, League of
Women Voters of Massachusetts