Enough with the delays: time to implement teacher evaluations now

WE NEED to go further than the Globe advocated in its editorial calling for an independent fact-finder to intervene in the city’s stalled contract negotiations with the teachers union (“Teacher talks fail in Boston; outside help is needed,” Aug. 22), and support Mayor Thomas Menino in insisting that the Boston Public Schools implement the new teacher evaluation system this fall. 

This new teacher evaluation system is the single most important reform in the proposed new contract for improving the quality of teachers and the quality of education in the public schools. It is fair to teachers in providing support for those who need improvement. It provides for the expedited evaluation of unsatisfactory teachers which can be completed in less than a year. It fulfills parent and student demands for a more timely and effective teacher evaluation and fulfills the state requirement to implement a new system this year. It has been tested in the turnaround schools. Hundreds of administrators and teachers have been trained in the new system while a union official was present.

No more delays with endless, unproductive negotiations. It should be implemented now, this school year, this September. 

John Mudd