Letter | Northeast should tighten CO2 cap

‘Fracking’ shouldn’t be viewed with acceptance

The Globe is right to celebrate the Northeast’s success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to call for even greater reductions (“As emissions drop, Northeast should tighten CO2 cap,” Editorial, Aug. 26). At the same time, the Globe is misguided in positioning increased “fracking” and natural gas use as a climate solution on par with renewables.

The reality is that fracking itself contributes to climate change. In fact, several studies have found that methane leaks from fracking could have an even higher global warming impact than coal. Fracking also causes severe local environmental damage and has already contaminated the air and water of numerous communities across the country. Current proposals to expand gas pipelines in the Northeast would cause an increase in fracking, and thus make these problems even worse.

Our neighbors in New York have figured this out, which is why they mobilized in large numbers in Albany last week to try to prevent fracking in their state. It is time for the Globe editorial board to educate its readers about the dangers of our gas consumption.

Aditya Nochur