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    Warren’s scolding style is very much in the liberal mold

    Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren
    Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren

    Regarding Elizabeth Warren’s attempt to be more likable, I would say good luck with that (“Warren may retool TV ads,” Page A1, Sept. 12). The Senate candidate comes across as preachy and scolding because, in my opinion, she is. She is a classic example of the “if only you were as smart as me, you would agree with me” liberal mentality, which is pervasive and infuriating.

    As a reasonably moderate Republican living in Massachusetts, I run across this attitude frequently. When I lean a little left, I am taken for an intelligent, well-educated, well-rounded man, but should I lean a little right, I’m an idiot, a bigot, or worse.

    I doubt that Warren can do much to change her image with just a couple months until the election. However, I am pleased that some of the leading Democrats in the state and country see her demeanor as a problem. I would encourage them to take this concern to heart.

    Stephen R. Tarbell