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    letters | RACE FOR THE SENATE

    Personal attack on Brown is unwarranted, offensive

    I’m concerned about Brian McGrory’s unabashedly biased cheap shots at Senator Scott Brown in his Sept. 26 Metro column “Brown’s illusion fades.” I’m independent politically, and I support and despise positions proposed by both parties and both candidates for Senate. McGrory seems bent on brainwashing others to share his hatred for Brown, and declines to present the information in a way that is newsworthy and informative.

    McGrory also declines to specify his beef with the Brown campaign, instead opting to have fun by offensively describing Brown’s underlings as “idiotic,” and characterizing the senator as “a lesser” man than he used to be, a man who “was never as big as the moment,” and a “frat house bully.”

    McGrory fails to acknowledge how Brown has honorably declined to resort to the type of negative, hateful trash talking that characterizes the current sad state of American politics, and instead claims that his more combative recent stance is “probably just who he is.”


    The column’s vitriolic personal attacks are unwarranted, and replace what should been — McGrory’s opinions of how the political sphere will change with Brown’s shift in strategy — with unsupported opinion of a man’s personality.

    Sam Flaster


    The writer is a senior at Lexington High School.