Warren deserves more criticism than she’s getting

I am a registered independent, so I have no skin in this Senate game except one of disgust — disgust at how this Commonwealth can’t seem to abide having a Republican or two in Congress (“Brown’s illusion fades,” Brian McGrory, Metro, Sept. 26).

I am also disgusted with how Elizabeth Warren has portrayed herself to be the people’s candidate, but seems to have had no problem representing big companies, such as Travelers Insurance and LTV Steel.

And to use family lore as a means of being able to check the minority box, with the advantages that go with it, is also disgusting. It shows a lack of character. If Warren believes that she is truly Native American, then why didn’t she look for membership in the Cherokee or Dakota tribes or at the very least join any minority clubs on campus?


The height of my disgust, however, is directed at how The Boston Globe has seemed so subjective in this campaign. Senator Brown should not be blamed for Republican staff members doing war chants and the tomahawk chop at a rally. Columnist McGrory attacks Brown, but it is the Globe that “isn’t wearing well with time” and that has become part of the “ugly fray.”

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I think you have helped make up my mind regarding for whom to vote.

Margaret Fulmer