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    Incumbent’s failings owed to lack of background in business

    The first presidential debate made it clear to me why Mitt Romney will be a better president than Barack Obama: Romney understands the implications of the laws, such as Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and tax laws, on businesses and on job creation, while Obama does not.

    Obama, who has no business background, has surrounded himself with advisers who largely have academic backgrounds. Obama’s team tends to think about issues idealistically, and has no concept of the impact of their decisions on the American business community.

    You could see this type of thinking during the debate, where generally good ideas such as universal health care and financial reform turn into costly, bureaucratic nightmares for those who have to live with the consequences. Obama defends these types of laws in their entirety, and does not admit that there are serious, unexpected, unintended consequences.


    Obama’s policy approach of throwing it over the fence to Congress and letting them make the sausage is one of many reasons that I think he does not understand what it takes to be a leader and a job creator. it’s time to replace him.

    Joe Palladino

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    North Andover