Swipe at PBS is pandering, not fiscal conservatism

During the first presidential debate, while stating that he liked Big Bird and even moderator Jim Lehrer, Mitt Romney continued to propose eliminating federal subsidies to PBS: a measly $444 million — about $1.42 for every American. It struck me as hypocritical to advocate meaningless cuts to public broadcasting in the name of deficit reduction while promising significant increases in defense spending when it isn’t needed or even asked for. That’s not fiscal conservatism, it’s political pandering.

Supporting educational and children’s programming that encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and working together is far more important and critical to the future success of America than adding to an already bloated defense budget. So, please hold off on purchasing another fighter jet, and just give me Elmo. I’m willing to pay a little more in taxes to cover Big Bird. In a never-ending TV transmission of Snooki, Honey Boo Boo, and Ricki Lake, I’m willing to fork over $1.42 for substance.

Jamie Merrill