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Warren’s defenders miss bigger picture

So, Elizabeth Warren, who has no documentation of her supposed Native American ancestry, lists herself as such in a professional register. She’s hired by Harvard Law School just at a time when the department is being accused of being insufficiently diverse. Harvard then lists her on its rolls as a woman of Native American ancestry, a twofer in the diversity business. Both Warren and Harvard — surprise! — deny any hanky-panky.

Yet Kevin Cullen accuses Scott Brown staffers of racial insensitivity when they lightheartedly needled Warren using a gesture commonly seen at baseball games in Atlanta or Cleveland (“Brown supporters’ fun not funny to Native American,” Page A2, Sept. 30).

Meanwhile, Yvonne Abraham derides Scott Brown’s reference to Warren’s physical appearance as proof of the falsity of her claim (“Not a whole lot to offer,” Metro, Sept. 30). Abraham has nothing to say about Warren’s own reference to physical appearance (her family’s “high cheekbones”) in support of it of her claim.


Cullen and Abraham should seriously reconsider just who in this scenario is the real malefactor.

Robert D. Ruplenas

South Yarmouth