letters | THE VP FACE-OFF

Ryan, Romney hit their points, such as they are

I thought that what Paul Ryan said in the vice presidential debate Thursday night was scary. Not only does he not seem to understand the concept of the draw-down of troops in Afghanistan, but he does not seem to understand that taking away a woman’s right to choose turns her into a second-class citizen.

He sounded like someone who studied hard for a test and was eager to regurgitate his knowledge without thought. He seems a proud scholar, and Romney is a successful businessman. But they have no business leading the free world.

What’s more, it is a cop-out for Ryan and Romney to say that they are waiting to meet in a bipartisan way once elected before they formulate specifics on their tax policy. Further, when Romney recently said that he knows of no legislation out there that he would favor that would ban abortion, he was mincing words.


My suggestion for them if they win is to take all the money they will have made from people who bought all the bridges they had to sell, and use it to pay down the debt. Or use it for infrastructure — it would only be common sense.

Leia Adey