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    letters | THE VP FACE-OFF

    Reader weary of what he sees as a liberal slant

    The Boston Globe seems to have assumed the characteristics of a Democratic Party newsletter. In the Oct. 12 edition alone, consider the news and opinion coverage of the Brown-Warren, Biden-Ryan, and Obama-Romney contests.

    On the front page Senator Scott Brown’s record in the National Guard is disparaged, while in Metro there is a column repeating and reinforcing this angle, just in case you missed it.

    The front-page coverage of the vice presidential debate that emphasized Joe Biden’s greater experience was mirrored by two cheerleading pieces in Op-ed. On the same opinion page were two pieces on the presidential race, one hand-wringing about Barack Obama’s poor debate performance and offering recovery advice. The gist of the other was all too apparent from its headline, “What does Romney believe?”


    I find such themes on the news pages routinely reinforced in the opinion pages, conveying a liberal message over and over. The result is a newspaper seriously diminished by what I view as a consistent bias.

    Richard Chamberlain