Don’t discount number of Hub families seeking school close to home

RE “SCHOOL zone plans fly in face of Boston parents’ wish for quality” (Letters, Oct. 10): With all due respect to Harneen Chernow’s opinion, she fails to consider the number of families who have chosen private and Catholic schools, or have moved out of Boston, when they didn’t get placement in a school close to home. I bet that number equals or exceeds the number of families she cites who opt for Metco and charter schools that take their children far from home.

The Boston Public Schools collected data through surveys over the past few months that told them what parents want, and a school close to home was an important factor for many families. Every family should be able to advocate for what is best for them without the scorn of their neighbors.

Why can we not accept that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution here, and stop pitting ourselves against our kids? For in the end, they are the ones who lose when the adults around them cannot find a way to respectfully disagree but work together for a solution.


When grown-ups don’t negotiate, compromise, and respect one another’s opinions, how can we expect children to learn these skills?

Jill Maguire

West Roxbury