EPA lauded for fighting decision on pollution rule

I was relieved to see that the Environmental Protection Agency is appealing the court decision to throw out the cross-state air pollution rule (“EPA appeals court ruling on pollution from coal-fired plants,” Page A9, Oct. 6). The rule would have protected my patients from the dangerous influx of air pollution that blows into our communities from out-of-state power plants.

Air pollution is a seemingly silent public health crisis that places the greatest burden on children and those living with chronic lung diseases, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. On poor air-quality days, my patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis struggle to breathe. It’s a frightening situation that can be prevented, or at least better managed, with sensible air-quality protections.

Thankfully, the EPA is taking the necessary step to protect the 136,000 children and 478,000 adults living in Massachusetts with asthma. Holding our breath while we wait for corporate polluters to do what’s right while patients get sicker and suffer is not an option.

Dr. Nicholas Hill