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Warren ought to turn her attention to issues we face in Mass.

I was so happy to read Dante Ramos’s op-ed “The national race writ small,” in which he concludes: “To close the deal, both [Scott] Brown and [Elizabeth] Warren might want to zero in on the peculiar issues facing Massachusetts.’ Right on.

I’m especially confused by Warren’s campaign promise to “take on the big banks.” I’m even more confused by the people in her ads who say that this is the reason they support her.

Doesn’t anyone realize the money and resources Warren would have to expend to carry on this campaign? Major financial institutions have unlimited cash, hordes of lawyers, many political allies, and time on their side. I don’t want my tax dollars spent on this cause.


I just want Brown and Warren to focus on the particular issues Massachusetts is facing and tell me how they are going to fix them.

David Keresey