Don’t blame economic mess on any one group

THOSE GLOBE readers, and columnists, who would like to believe and espouse that the economic mess were are in is because of those “wealthy people” or those heartless Republicans, should read again Farah Stockman’s article on “United States, incorporated” (Op-ed, Oct. 16). Especially insightful are the facts she presented on Medicaid and Medicare.

Whereas our president would like to espouse such nonsense that taxing the wealthy is the way to a solution, Stockman’s article points out that our economic problems did not start with any one group of Americans.

It was our federal government who got us started on the path to where we now are and Too bad the Globe and other parts of the media did not spend more time on these simple and historical facts that still hound us today.

John Fitzpatrick

Kennebunkport, Maine