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    Obscuring the issue

    What in the world is Miriam Rosenberg trying to imply with her Oct. 23 letter “ANTI-GAYPOLICIES MAKE FOR AN UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT”? She states that “the Boy Scouts of America’s recently released ‘perversion files’ make a mockery of the organization’s anti-gay policies,” because she apparently thinks gay troop leaders “might have protected the boys against pedophiles.” Huh?

    She believes this to be the case because, as she correctly points out, homosexuallity and pedophilia are two different issues. Fine, but is she implying that heterosexuality and pedophilia are one and the same?

    Does she think gay people are somehow better equipped to spot pedophiles, or is she saying that straight people are more prone to child abuse?


    Whether you agree or disagree with the Boy Scouts’ policy on homosexuality, Rosenberg’s letter is insulting to everyone.

    Stephen R. Tarbell