From his daughter’s bedside, he saw agony at the end of life

In regard to Liz Walker’s Dec. 19 op-ed “Question 2 is deeply flawed”: Liz Walker never witnessed what my wife and I lived through. We lost a daughter who was 47 years old to pancreatic cancer.

At first they gave her a possibility of two to three years of quality life. After weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, the physician recommended a hospice house. My daughter asked how much time she had before her death, and the physician said it would be a few weeks. She went from about 135 pounds to about 60 pounds when she died. She was in severe pain, and told her mother she did not want to live anymore.

When she was groaning in agony, I sat next to her, held her hand, and told her to let go and not to be afraid, as she would be going to a better place. With that she seemed to relax and just passed away.


I have seen the cruelty of not allowing a person to end her life when there is no hope of recovery, and when she is in such pain that it is unbearable.

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They put animals down as an act of mercy. Why not humans?

Joseph Bonta