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We must reverse policies that drive climate change

Thank you for Beth Daley’s article on the ways in which climate change may have turned Sandy from a typical tropical storm into a fierce hurricane (“Effects of climate change increase risk of storms’ impacts,” Page A6, Oct. 30). She quoted the organizer of this week’s climate change vigil at Government Center, who said, “We need leadership to connect what is happening out there and the policies that drive it.”

The policies that drive climate change include overuse of fossil fuels, inadequate regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, and allowing polluters to befoul our atmosphere for free.

We need government officials who will charge greenhouse gas polluters for polluting our atmosphere, causing climate change, and putting us all at greater risk.


Climate change threatens us physically with superstorms, and it hurts us economically by knocking out our power, raising our food prices as crops fail, and raising our insurance premiums as fires burn and seas rise.

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Citizens must vote this year with the climate in mind, and must refuse to send to Washington any politician who will not charge polluters for their greenhouse gas pollution.

Judy Weiss


The writer is a member of Citizens Climate Lobby.