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Election boils down to party control

WOULD SENATOR ScottBrown ever support a Democrat as majority leader of the Senate? I think not. If he did, he would be a pariah in his own party, as Scot Lehigh suggests in his Oct. 26 op-ed “Campaign tips for Scott Brown.”

Party control in the Senate is the key in this election, regardless of whether any particular senator does or does not support some party positions.

The power to select committee chairpeople, bills to be considered, and the conditions for floor debate is what should concern us in this election, and not one’s ethnic heritage or “ads that twist complicated legal cases,” as Lehigh highlights in his column.


The right-wingers in this country are salivating over the prospect of controlling the House, Senate, and presidency. Such a scenario should be anathema to those who believe in a balanced approach to governing.

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Battleground states will determine who will win the presidency, and the House likely will continue to be Republican.

Massachusetts’ best course is to help ensure that the Senate remains majority Democratic.

John H. Flannagan