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    It wasn’t a lift in economy that secured this independent’s vote

    I disagree that the steadily rising economy kept President Obama afloat and prevented Mitt Romney from reaching the White House (“A rising economy lifts the incumbent,” Page A1, Nov. 7). For many independent voters like me who helped determine the outcome of the election, there is little faith in either Democrats or Republicans on economic matters. Indeed, the key economic indicator of the federal deficit has swelled under Democratic and Republican administrations alike.

    But I do react strongly to the Republican Party’s strong embrace of intolerance and discrimination borne out of its misplaced insertion of religion into public policy matters. It was that embrace of far-right social policies that blocked Romney from the White House among the many independent voters who were critical to the election’s outcome.

    It is my hope that the president makes true progress on economic matters, including fiscal responsibility and addressing the deficit, and that Republicans reassess their failed strategy of embracing intolerance and violating the nation’s strong history of separation of church and state.

    Steven C. Moore