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Both college, editorial are off base in their take on proper handling of beloved oxen

Regarding your Nov. 10 editorial “Doomed oxen: A lesson in sustainability”: Green Mountain College and the Globe seem to be confused about the proper handling of Bill and Lou, the 10-year-old pair of working oxen that the college had planned to slaughter and serve as food in the school cafeteria, over the protests of many students and others.

By all accounts, the school has encouraged students to befriend these animals, and students’ protest is based on the belief that friends don’t eat friends for dinner.

In addition, 10-year-old oxen are at least seven years past the age at which cattle are slaughtered for beef, giving a whole new meaning to leaving a bad taste in one’s mouth.


We and others have offered to shelter these old working friends for the rest of their natural lives.

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The Globe should get on the right side of this controversy.

John O. Pastore


The writer is founder of Mountain View Farm Animal Sanctuary in East Burke, Vt.