Obama’s ill treatment of challenger still aches

Your Nov. 8 editorial “Obama should utilize Romney as a special economic adviser” suggested that Mitt Romney not decline a role in the Obama administration “simply because he lost the presidency.” If Romney declines, it would be because of his character, not his pride. President Obama’s win-at-all-costs campaign ought to have consequences for him.

Obama painted Romney as a greedy, unprincipled guy looking out for the rich. Un-presidentially, Obama took advantage of society’s decline in civility to bully and mock Romney, who then had to spend his campaign proving that he was a highly principled and accomplished leader.

Given Romney’s values, he will forgive and forget Obama’s behavior. However, trust has to be earned. Why should Romney work for a person he can’t trust? One can’t succeed under those circumstances.


Obama will do just fine without Romney. I’m hoping that Romney takes his leadership skills to a position in the private sector where he can play an important role in growing the economy, or that he goes on to do great things through volunteering. He can do more for the country doing those than by taking on a role as bipartisan window-dressing in the Obama administration.

Larry Lapide