With the oil it burns, Pentagon fuels climate-change threat

Juliette Kayyem is right: The Pentagon thinks climate change endangers our security (“The Pentagon’s new threat,” Op-ed, Nov. 5). But the Pentagon is worsening the threat. As the world’s largest institutional fossil-fuel user, with forces and bases covering the globe, it burns more oil every year than many nations.

But that’s its mission. Tasked with securing a global oil economy and US dominance over that economy, the Pentagon is joined at the hip to climate change.

The casualties are growing. They stretch from Baghdad to Brooklyn. Among them are the soldiers and civilians ground up in Mideast wars to control the world’s oil supplies.


If Washington wants to reverse the climate change threat to our security, it must dramatically shrink the Pentagon’s budget and its mission.

Mike Prokosch


The writer coordinates the New Priorities Network, whose goal is to shift federal spending from the Pentagon to domestic programs.