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    letters | clash in the middle east

    People hold Israel to a standard all its own

    In the more than seven years since Israel withdrew from Gaza, more than 10,000 rockets have been launched by terrorists at Israel. Normal life in some towns in Israel, such as Sderot, is impossible. Residents must keep track of where the nearest bomb shelter is, for they have only 15 seconds’ warning. As a result, most children in Sderot have been found to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, as do many adults.

    When Israel finally takes the action that any other country would have taken years earlier, we seem to only hear of Arab suffering. Does the suffering of Jews not matter?

    Perhaps those who tell Israel to negotiate with those who would destroy it, and who pressure Israel not to take action to stop terrorism that makes normal life impossible, should ask themselves whether they would make the same demands of their own countries. If not, then they must ask why Israel should not be granted the same rights that they would give their own countries. Meanwhile, consider that the European Union’s definition of anti-Semitism cites, as an example, holding Israel to standards one demands from no other country.

    Steven B. Kovner