letters | electronic billboards on the horizon in mass.

Little stands in way of depressingly dotted landscape

In the article “Mass. gives the go-ahead for electronic billboards” (Page A1, Nov. 28), all the quotes supporting electronic billboards are self-serving ones from billboard company Clear Channel and from politicians, who seem almost to be industry spokesmen themselves. Nary a word is heard from businesses.

Neither is there any context as to current limitations on billboard locations and sizes, though I assume such restrictions do exist. The article, however, indicates that the new rules allow an unlimited number of electronic billboards, with only local communities standing in the way of Massachusetts becoming dotted with this form of commercial measles.

Almost 50 years ago, Lady Bird Johnson spearheaded a campaign to limit billboards along our highways. As a result, Americans have been able to drive across the country and witness the beauty of much of the landscape unmarred by garish advertising. With flashy electronic billboards soon on the horizon in Massachusetts, she must be rolling in her grave.

Scott Muldoon