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Diners should get the fish they order

I GASPED for air when I read the statement from manager Janet Cooper, of Ken’s Steak House, when confronted on the ongoing mislabeling of fish on the menu (“Accountability lost in a murky supply chain; new round of DNA tests finds dozens of repeat offenders,” Page A1, Dec. 2): “We’re too busy to deal with such silliness.”

If Cooper happens to be looking through the want ads next Sunday, I hope she will ask herself this: should ordering seafood at restaurants come with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” clause on the menu?

My guess is that some restaurants would love to see such a policy, allowing them to charge unsuspecting people for food that they expect but don’t actually get.


The Globe points out a very real and disturbing fact: Regulation in the seafood trade is so weak that restaurants and suppliers know they will not face punishment for mislabeling fish.

Gary R. Levine

Augusta, Maine