Troubled to see decades-old allegations against Kevin White rehashed

I am writing in response to Peter Schworm’s Nov. 29 article about Boston Mayor Kevin H. White and the release of FBI files from the 1970s (“FBI releases files on Kevin White,” Metro). As White’s former press secretary and director of communications, I am deeply troubled to learn that the Globe would choose to rehash decades-old allegations.

The case against Mayor White was not pursued by the US attorney’s office because it was built upon lies. The mere fact that these allegations came by way of federal agents working in the most corrupt FBI office in the United States should have given your reporter pause, or, at the very least, should have been noted in the article.

We need to remember that during the mid-1970s, Boston FBI agents were spending much of their time protecting cold-blooded killers including Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi and James “Whitey” Bulger. The Boston FBI had its so-called enemies list, and was not above breaking the law or twisting the facts. The US attorney’s office refused to play this game, as did Mayor White.


I am also troubled by the fact that no one from White’s family or his administration was contacted for this article.

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White’s legacy as a metropolitan visionary can be seen every day in the city that he reshaped and set on a course for a vibrant future, and can be seen through all those whose lives improved under his guidance and leadership.

George K. Regan


The writer is founder and chairman of Regan Communications Group.