UMass rap historian developing hip-hop archive

We were delighted to see your article featuring Pacey Foster’s efforts to preserve the history of Boston’s early hip-hop music evolution (“Putting a rap on ‘Lecco’s Lemma,’ ” G section, Nov. 23). Professor Foster is a “rap historian, author, and longtime friend of [legendary Boston hip-hop DJ Magnus] Johnstone,” as you correctly note, but he is also an assistant professor in the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and the university is working with him to develop a permanent digital and physical archive for this collection.

This particular project is supported by the UMass president’s Creative Economy Initiatives Fund, which was established in 2007 to support faculty initiatives in the arts, humanities, and social sciences that benefit the state’s economy and improve its quality of life. We are pleased to be helping to preserve Boston’s diverse and dynamic cultural heritage.

J. Keith Motley


University of Massachusetts Boston